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Ezy Rail

Ezy Rail is used primarily for use in flow stores and Live Storage.


Pallet Roller Channel is of a robust construction and is manufactured in 3mm steel of high capacity and torque and have a load rating of 150kg. Standard length of the Roller Channel is 2496mm and this can be fitted with several different types of rollers and wheels.


Pallet Roller Track is for use when full length width roller track cannot be used or when Pallet Roller Channel is too small. Standard stock length is 2496mm. Channels are punched at 26mm pitch and can be supplied with the requested width of roller. Seperators and brake rollers can also be fitted. Brake rollers for use in controlling the speed on the roller track can be supplied on request.




Ezy-Rail Channel is for use in live storage systems and order picking racks. The wheels run on steel with a load rating of 6kg and a low co-efficient of friction. They can be used in temperatures from -15C to 30C. Channel can be supplied in lengths up to 3942mm.


Colli-Roller Track is for use when Ezy-Rail Channel does not provide the required load rating. The track is made from 2.5mm galvanised steel with holes punched at 26mm pitch. The rollers are made from high impact polyamide and are available as plain or flanged, having a roller rating of 40kg.


colli-roller track


Fix-Wheel Track consists of a cold drawn profile, zinc plated 2mm gauge. Several wheels can be fitted next to each other or staggered in a variety of combinations. Fix-Wheel track can be supplied with plastic (10kg rating) or steel rollers (20kg rating). Standard length is 2990mm. Versatile in many areas:

  • Live storage tracks

  • guide rails, diverters and conveyor elements

  • Connection between work stations.

  • Packing machines

  • Guides for drive belts

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