We Stock Components for Roller Conveyors

Roll Ezy stocks the following components for roller conveyors:

  • Drive Bands
  • Slave Bands
  • Spools

Bands and Spools

Lineshaft Spool

Lineshaft spool is blue plastic and designed for 25 mm diameter shafts to transfer power to drive bands.


  • Bands, which are 4.5 mm in diameter, are designed for use with lineshaft driven conveyors.
  • Slave Bands - 75 mm to 100 mm pitch and endless length 250 mm
  • Drive Bands - 121 mm centres, from the centre of the driveshaft to the centre of the roller - endless length 330 mm

Speed up spools are available. These increase the diameter of 25 mm shafts to increase roller speed. They are ideal for creating a gap between two products.

Lineshaft Spool Diagram

Speed Up Spool Diagram

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