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Roll Ezy Stainless Steel Rollers, are supplied in 304 grade stainless tube and 303 grade stainless spindles. Stainless Steel rollers are perfect for use in the food and pharmaceutical industries and wherever rollers are required to run in damp or wet conditions. Stainless Steel rollers can be supplied with semi-precision and precision bearing options.


Stainless Steel Rollers have many advantages compared to steel:

  • They are easy cleaning
  • They are resistant to corrosion
  • They can be used in humid and wash-down conditions


Stainless Tube Shaft Sizes Available Bearing
1 inch x 18 swg 8 mm diameter Semi-precision plastic push in
1.5 inch x 16 swg 10 mm, 12 mm diameter & 11 hex Semi-precision
1.5 inch x 16 swg 12 mm, 14 mm & 15 mm diameter & 11 hex SS60022RS precision in plastic push in
2 inch x 16 swg 12 mm, 14 mm & 15 mm diameter & 11 hex SS60022RS precision in plastic swaged
3 inch x 3 mm 20 mm diameter SS60052RS precision in plastic swaged

1.5 inch and 2 inch diameter stainless tubes can be supplied with round belt drive grooves and they are also available in 316 Stainless Steel.

Rollers are supplied with a spring loaded spindle, but the following alternatives are available:

  • Drilled and tapped ends
  • Male threaded ends
  • Ends drilled for wire
  • Fixed shaft
  • Loose shaft

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