Steel Rollers

Gravity Rollers

Roll Ezy Gravity conveyor rollers are one of our most competitive and popular products and they are available in a wide range of tube and spindle options. The standard finish for gravity rollers is mild steel self colour rollers.


Tapered Rollers

Roll Ezy Tapered Rollers are ideal for use in gravity roller and belt driven conveyor bends. Moulded black plastic taper segments are pressed on to 30, 1.5 inch and 50 mm diameter x 1.5 mm wall tube to form taper rollers.


Grooved Rollers

Roll Ezy Grooved Steel Rollers, can be supplied as double or single grooved rollers at either one or both ends. The standard finish is mild steel self colour.


PVC Sleeve Rollers

Roll Ezy PVC Sleeve Rollers are supplied using PVC sleeve that slides over a roller and is heated with a heat gun for a perfect smooth fit with a wall thickness of 1.2 mm after heating.


Rubber Covered Rollers

Roll Ezy Rubber Covered Rollers are supplied using natural extruded rubber sleeving that slides over a roller and which is then trimmed and super-glued at each end.


Welded Rollers

Roll Ezy Welded Precision Rollers are used in bulk handling for high load capacity. Welded retained bearings have seals on both inner and outer of the bearing and protect the precision bearing against dust, rain, mud, dirt etc.


Steel Sprocket Rollers

Roll Ezy Steel Sprocket Rollers are rollers fitted with steel simple or double simple sprockets and they are used in chain driven conveyor systems. The drive element is welded onto the tube and fitted with precision bearings.


Plastic Sprocket Rollers

Roll Ezy Plastic Friction and Fixed Drive Sprocketed Rollers, are suitable for use in chain driven friction or positive drive roller conveyors with either a tangential or roller-to-roller drive arrangement.



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